A proper fitness regime is crucial in building up the muscular and cardiovascular strength in horses. Whether you want your horse to level up, make them ride for long before heavy breathing and sweating kicks in, or make them ride for long periods, these tips can help your horse keep fit for all types of events.

Hill Work

Hill work is invariably one of the first suggestions when it comes to keeping your horse fit. Showjumpers, dressage riders, and eventers alike know that there’s a good reason for going up the hills in different topologies. This form of exercise works in different parts of the horse’s body and keeps them muscled. Such are fit horses you want on your Unibet TV when betting. Ultimately, it’s far much harder to run or walk uphill than walk on a flatter stretches.


Gymnastics and poles are useful for developing fitness and technique in jumping horses. They don’t have to jump big to get fit. Rather, you should make sure that you keep the jumps low to avoid straining. Gymnastics can also improve the pace of dressage horses. Also, these exercises can help the horse think and react quickly, which is handy in virtually all disciplines. You want to make sure that you start with normal poles set low on the ground before advancing to raised poles and intensive gymnastics, as your horse gets fitter.

Trail Riding

Want a better way to build your horse’s fitness without drilling them in the school? Try long hacks or trail riding. Hacking may look like a normal activity for horses. But no, even an hour-long walk can make an unfit horse fit. Be sure to do this on varying terrain to develop different endurance aspects. You may start with short distances, and with time, the horse will be able to walk and even run over long stretches.

Just like humans, horses should also work on their fitness to be athletic.