Horses may be intelligent animals and can do whatever you instruct them to do, but this doesn’t rule out the fact that they’re still animals in their natural state. They’ll nibble on grass the whole day, eat fodder, and drink lots of water. They’ll gorge on any amount of feed they have access to because horses don’t regulate how much food they eat.

So you need to provide food and water at measured intervals. With a steady yet regulated supply of food and water, the horse will have the right weight, and at the same time, they’ll get the right amount of nutrients. Also, make sure that the water your horse drinks is fresh and clean. Here are other ways to care for your horse.

Wash and Spray Your Horse

All horses engaged in the Australian horse racing sport tend to be attractive and admirable, and this is because they’re washed and cleaned regularly. This helps remove dust, sweat, and germs. Insects are so many during summer, so spray your horse in the morning and evening during these months.

Stall Cleaning

Horse care also includes caring and cleaning the stable and tack. Make sure that you clean the blankets, saddle, halter, bridle, and lead ropes. Laundering the saddle pads and blankets helps remove mud and dust buildup, which may make your horse uncomfortable. Also, clean and condition the leather three times every week to keep it soft. You also want to make sure that the stall is cleaned by removing manure and dust from the aisles. Remove cobwebs, which might collect dust from shavings and hay and cause fire risks.


Be sure to turn your horse out for exercise to keep it fit for the horse races. Let him walk around and stretch his legs, run in the fields, and even roll on some fresh grass. You can also ride the horse in the ring or on the trail.