Here you’ll navigate through everything you’ll need to know regarding the equestrian industry and the art of horse racing. The Australian horse racing industry is home to some of the best races in the globe, and we cover all of them. Through our website, you can access the race schedules, the legislation for the industry within Australia, place responsible bets as well as learn about the history of the sport in the country.

With the decades of experience, the team involved in creating the website share a passion not only for the sport but for horses. We want horse lovers from all over the country to become part of our network and share in the fun that is horse racing.

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The sport has fast become an activity which can be enjoyed by not only professional sportsmen and sportswomen but also by the spectators. With some of the most significant racing events taking place in Australia, they’re often partnered with many service providers to make it a function that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

On an annual basis, the rules and regulations governing the sport go through a review to ensure there are no amendments to be made. This is done to ensure good sportsmanship amongst competitors and to ensure the safety of the horses is kept in mind at all times.

Fall in Love with Horse Racing

Horse racing has become a big social event and isn’t as dangerous as it used to be. This means there’s no reason for you not to love the sport. Dress to impress and watch the races in style. With many guests attending, you’ll be sure to pick up ample fashion tips.

This sport has moved into various industries including film and gaming, allowing you to get more than your required fix of the competition. With regular commentating on the races, we provide our viewers and members everything they need to know. This is valuable information that can change the way you view the sports either as enjoyment or as a means of challenging your luck.

Horse Racing on the Move

Thanks to the many technological advancements, we’re now able to live stream all the races taking place to allow those unable to attend the opportunity to view and place their bets. The sentiment is the same for regular attendees who are travelling, and we offer information on how to achieve this. With regular replays available, you can also analyse the racesto assist you with your bets giving you an even better chance of going home with more money.

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While the site is filled with anything and everything relating to horse racing, we’ve ensured you’ll never need to reload our website. With a unique design, the website has been optimised to be mobile friendly, allowing you to search the site and find the information that is relevant to your search. We like to think that it is the little things that make a huge difference.

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